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Municipal Government

Our Municipal Government Services in New Jersey include:

  • Representation at Meetings and Court Room
  • COAH Compliance
  • Public Bidding and Purchases

Dynamic leadership required dynamic legal service.  The local government and municipal attorneys at Lavery, Selvaggi & Cohen, P.C. have decades of experience representing numerous State, County, and Municipal governmental agencies.  We are recognized as leaders in this area of local government law in New Jersey and have served both the State and local League of Municipalities.  We serve as counsel to both large and small municipalities throughout Northern New Jersey.

Lavery, Selvaggi & Cohen, P.C. provides our governmental clients with professional and comprehensive legal advice.  The focus is on being proactive.  We track current trends in New Jersey state law and incorporate them into our advice to our clients.  We are highly skilled in drafting legislation that incorporates these new trends.

This proactive approach can avoid costly litigation for governmental clients.  When litigation is unavoidable, our local government and municipal attorneys work closely with our accomplished Litigation Department to zealously protect a Municipality's interests.  Our clients are fully informed of the strategy and the status of each matter so that they can be active in the decisions guiding the case.

The Local Government Law Department focuses on helping public clients successfully maneuver through the legal complexities presented daily by new statutes, regulations and other governmental mandates.  Our attorneys' extensive involvement in all aspects of government law have enabled us to pioneer methods of delivery advisory and litigation services in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner.  Our approach ensures the highest quality representation available.

In addition to the specific areas of municipal law described above, Lavery, Selvaggi & Cohen, P.C. also provides representation in the following specialized fields in which issues may arise for public entities:

  • Employment Law
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Public Finance
  • Municipal Tax Appeals
  • COAH Compliance
  • Public Bidding

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