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Social Security Disability Attorneys in New Jersey

If you get hurt, the time that you spend recovering from your injury is not always the only time you will miss from work: If the injury is serious enough, you might find yourself unable to return to your old job, or might only be able to return in a different role. The pay cut that you suffer in these circumstances can seriously alter your standard of living, often all because of an injury that you could not avoid and did not cause.

This is where social security disability insurance (SSDI) is supposed to help. Unfortunately, the SSDI system in New Jersey is far from perfect. It often requires an attorney to make it work the way it is supposed to work, and give you the benefits that you need and deserve.

The SSDI attorneys at the New Jersey law office of Lavery, Selvaggi & Cohen are here to help.

New Jersey's SSDI System is Slow, at Best

Nearly 200,000 people receive some form of SSDI benefits in New Jersey, alone. Thousands more apply for SSDI benefits every year.

The sheer volume of applicants and recipients make the SSDI system move very slowly because it can only handle so many new claims at a time. It can take months to apply for SSDI benefits and hear back from the Social Security Administration in New Jersey. A denied SSDI application can be costly because it can delay the benefits that you deserve back even further into the future. Unfortunately, more than half of the applications for SSDI benefits in New Jersey are initially denied. Denied applicants who want a hearing in front of an administrative law judge often have to wait more than a year before their hearing is even scheduled. Even after the hearing, a decision often takes several more months.

In the interim, you will be left without the SSDI benefits that you need to make ends meet.

How SSDI Attorneys Can Help

By helping you prepare your SSDI benefits application and making sure everything is properly submitted, SSDI attorneys can drastically improve your chances of success in the first stage of your application. By gathering the medical evidence that they know the Social Security Administration is looking for, SSDI attorneys tap into their experience representing other clients in order to put your own claim in the best light possible.

If your case is tricky and your claim gets denied, SSDI attorneys stick by your side and help you manage a successful appeal of the denial. This includes representing you during the hearing in front of the administrative law judge. This representation is often the difference between a successful hearing and another denial of benefits, as SSDI attorneys know how to present your case favorably to a judge.

New Jersey SSDI Attorneys at Lavery, Selvaggi & Cohen

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