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A subdivision under the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (“MLUL”) is the division of a parcel of land into two or more lots thereby allowing the sale or development of those lots. The actual requirements for a subdivision approval are established by each municipality in the State. Virtually all municipalities have adopted checklists that set forth the specific requirements for a subdivision. These checklists enable an individual to know precisely what the standards are in order for his application to be approved. 

Generally, a planning board is the agency responsible for reviewing and deciding whether to grant subdivision approvals. In some limited instances, a board of adjustment may have this same authority. If an application for a subdivision meets the requirements set forth in the local ordinance, the applicant is entitled to the approval as a matter of law and the planning board cannot lawfully deny the request. A planning board can only refuse to grant subdivision approval if the application fails to comport with the requirements delineated in the municipality's zoning ordinances. 

There are two types of subdivisions, a major and a minor subdivision. A minor subdivision is one defined by local ordinance as the maximum number of lots permitted. For instance, a local ordinance may define a minor subdivision as only two lots plus the remainder. Any subdivision that would create more than the maximum number of lots permitted for a minor subdivision will qualify as a major subdivision.

Not every division of land is recognized as a subdivision under the MLUL. For instance, the division of land into parcels of five or more acres to be used for agricultural purposes is not a subdivision. Similarly, if a large tract of land is divided by virtue of provisions contained in a decedent's will or other testamentary document, it too is not recognized as a subdivision. 

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